Why Mudshark?


Perfect for builders, estimators, contractors, engineers or surveyors

Estimate your projects faster and reduce the time you spend on calculating earthworks

Accuracy you can see in our fully interactive 3D models of your site

Smart takeoff tools enable rapid data input for efficiency and precision

Import plans and site data how you want; use a PDF, DXF, DWG, drone data and much more

Clear detailed reporting with Microsoft Excel

Specialised tools for calculating respread, trench networks, footings and retaining walls among others

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Takeoff and Estimate faster than ever

Your time is valuable, but so is an accurate estimate. MudShark easilly gives you control with powerful, automatic takeoff tools.

Automatically capture contours from a plan with a single click, or use our flexible takeoff tools to trace structures and countours. With just a bit of input, MudShark will calculate your cut and fill.

Surveying a site with a drone can save you days and weeks, but analysing that detail can be a cumbersome process. MudShark is powerful enough to import drone data and display your site with ease.

Rapid Data Input


software designed for your earthworks calculations

MudShark was developed in Australia for you to estimate, and calculate your civil and groundworks projects.

Designed for bulk earthworks calculations, MudShark has in-built intelligence that works with you to get your project done without getting in your way or requiring a steep learning curve. Free up your time and get your projects done quicker, whether you are inputting contours, boundaries or structures.

Our software gives you specialised tools at your fingertips, so you can simplify deep excavation, calculate footings with ease, estimate trench and pipe networks, quickly estimate retaining walls and make short work of stripping and respread.

Specialised Tools


Fully interactive 3D site

Mudshark will show you your site in meticulous detail. Your existing and proposed site will display in 3D and show you the different materials used.

Generate custom cross-sections, so you can see the components and details of your site and visually track materials.

Experience your site like never before, with intuitive camera controls to walk over your 3D model.

Calculate trench and pipe networks

Whether you’re calculating sewage, drainage, electrical or utilities, MudShark can make short work of your pipe quantities, excavation and backfill.

Automated clash detection will check your pipe network, and identify anywhere that pipes are clashing, so you can avoid any complications on site.

After you’ve taken off and checked your trench network, you can group your trench networks into depth categories.


We’ve been using MudShark for more than 5 years to help us accurately calculate our cut and fill across the large and complex sites we work on. It is an essential tool for our success.

Errol Wong, Shamrock Civil

MudShark has saved us time and money.
We get accurate cut and fill estimates done in a fraction of the time.

Andre Retief, Peachey Constructions

We have been using Mudshark for a number of years now, and have found it to be excellent software that cuts substantial time from the measurement of complicated earthworks, while in addition allowing for a greater degree of accuracy

Geoff Cook - Project Analysis

I have been using MudShark on some pretty complicated sites over the last couple of months, and it's exceeded all expectations, it's easy to use and accurate, and continues to deliver for my business.

Scott Townsend - Pluim Group

Find a solution that fits your business


Fixed Single User License

Take the heavy lifting out of your estimating.

  • Great for Cut & Fill
  • Precise material & balancing tools
  • Interactive 3D with cross sections

Mudshark + Trench

Fixed Single User License

The ultimate earthworks estimating package.

  • Ultimate Earthworks solution
  • Perfect for Cut & Fill
  • Pipe & Trench Network Takeoff
  • Interactive and practical 3D
  • Additional Measurement Tools

Affordable and flexible solutions

Filled with powerful features

Features MudShark Trench MudShark & Trench
Unlimited Projects
Precise Cut & Fill calculations
Accurate Strip & Respread
Boring logs and soil strata details
Fully interactive 3D Visualisations and walkthrough
In place 3D Cross Sections
Project Material Re-use
Demolished structure and Built structure results
Integration with estimating solutions like Cubit and CostX
Export to Microsoft Excel
Multiple working areas
Materials Database
Existing & Proposed Site Surface Definition
Easy site balancing adjustments
Surface, basement and sub-grade areas
Import and takeoff from PDF, CAD, & DWG files
Multi-plan stitching and alignment
Length, Area, and Count measurement
Pipe and trench network takeoff
Pipe clash detection
Automatic materials adjustment for under structure pipe networks
Trench Cut accounting for structures and respread
Trench Fill Materials accounting for structures and respread
Trench volumes and materials
Still have questions?

Still have questions?

We've answered some of the most frequently asked questions about MudShark, including a breakdown of license thpes, product variations and technical concerns.