New MudShark Update []

Improvements & Fixes

This will be the final sub-release of version 8, with version 9 due out later this year.

If you’re no longer in software assurance, this will be your last chance to re-join software assurance before MudShark version 9 arrives.

Contact to arrange a quote.

Patch Notes


  • Added functionality to adjust plan altitude.
  • Improvements to the Transmute Dashed tool.


  • Improved stability of Heatmap calculation in a variety of instances.
  • Fixed multiple instances of curve / line elements freezing or not being visible during certain Take-off actions.
  • Fixed an instance where the Transmute Dashed tool would crash MudShark.
  • Various other minor fixes to improve MudShark’s robustness.


IMPORTANT: If you are out of software assurance and not using MudShark 8, ensure you contact our Support Team before upgrading.

If you are using MudShark 8 already, you can download and use the latest update here: