Tutorial Videos: New Year 2023

New Year, New videos! We hope you all had a great Christmas & New Year break. This month we wanted to cover some of the features we feel are often overlooked by our users, MudSharks Measurement Tools & Material Management. Speed up your Cut & Fill estimation workflow by learning […]

Tutorial Videos: November 2022

Wait, it’s November already? This month we’re covering How to Input and Place Bore Hole Data, as well as a slightly different kind of video: Troubleshooting and Optimizing your MudShark projects. Converting the data from your Geotech Reports / Soil Reports isn’t always a straightforward task, we’d planned to fit […]

Tutorial Video: October 2022

A little late, but here we are! Due to our Video producer contracting covid there’s only one video this month, rest assured we’ll be back to two for November though! This month, we’re covering Creating Contours and Spot Elevations. Plan quality is something most of our users have little control […]

Tutorial Videos: September 2022

Hi again! As we mentioned in our Mid-Year Update Blog Post, we’ve got another set of tutorial videos. This month, we’re covering Importing and Adjusting Your Plan Files and Trenching Networks. As MudShark’s Trenching Network tool has so many use cases, we thought it best to briefly cover as many […]

MudShark Mid-year Update

What’s been in the works We thought it about time to update you all on what we’ve been working on behind the scenes. The pandemic impacted us all in different ways, however, we’ve been hard at work improving MudShark and helping our users on support. With Version 9 on the […]