New MudShark Update []

Improvements & Fixes

  • IFC Support for Surface Processing
    • MudShark can now read ifc files, which can then be used to create existing, or proposed, site surfaces from the ifc tin. See ifc surface video.
  • Error checking on Boundary Input
    • We have added error checking of boundary input to warn users of any potential issues which may affect calculation. See boundary checking video.
  • Improved Management and Processing of Large Plans for Data Input
    • MudShark is more responsive when large amounts of data are present in the plans.
  • Improvements to Calculation of Roadwork Scenarios
  • General Improvements and Fixes


If you are using MudShark 8 already, you can download and use the latest update here:

IMPORTANT: If you are not using MudShark 8, ensure you contact our Support Team before upgrading.