New MudShark Update []

Improvements & Fixes


  • Enhance dashed line merger to manage separate lines with a common junction.
    • Sometimes pdf’s present what appears to be a solid line but it is actually made up of lots of small joined lines. The dashed line transmute tool has been improved to handle this situation, it also attempts to correct reversed lines for consistency when 2 lines touch in the opposite orientation.
  • Improve error reporting when boundaries are rebuilt on import.
    • On rare occasions, when opening a project the boundary lines have to be rebuilt, the reporting of this was unclear and has been improved. A clearer message will now be displayed if this happens.
  • Enable label colours to match colour of entity it is labeling.
    • If you change the colour of an entity e.g. spots the label will change to the appropriate matching colour.
  • Add boundary label and Altitude to structure labels.
    • The Structure labels will now display the boundary name.
    • If the structure is flat the altitude will now be displayed in the label.
  • Improve curve editing speed in projects with large amounts of data.
    • We have improved the management of large data sets e.g. many drawings in a project, so that curve editing is much faster.
  • Improve spot elevation transmute to handle larger numbers of block references.
    • Transmuting of large numbers of block references into spot elevations has been sped up.
  • Improvements to DWG plan scaling to use DWG extents if present.
  • Updated remote support tool.
  • Improve DWG reading to process and match older version layer/Material naming.
    • Some drawings were being read but not displayed due to a clash in the materials and layers for older dwg files. These now display.
  • Improve font mapping when PDF’s are input.
    • Fonts from PDF’s are now better mapped and we have improved defaults for fonts which can’t be mapped. This means that the display of text from pdf’s in plans is clearer and more accurately sized to the original pdf.
  • Improve efficiency of label generation for improved overall generation efficiency.
    • On large projects label generation could take a long time which impacted the speed of some operations this has been improved so that overall there is an speed increase.
  • Improved background saving speed.


  • Structure Labels vanishing after calculation.
    • If labels were showing they would vanish after a calculation, this has been corrected.
  • Creating Mesh overlay sometimes failing as it’s not needed.
    • Sometimes an overlay check was being carried out in the calculation when it was not needed leading to the calculation failing. This has been fixed.
  • Bore holes with undefined altitude outside of the working area not always automatically calculating altitude.
    • Depending on the working area shape sometimes altitudes were not being calculated for bore holes outside the working area, thus requiring manual input of the altitude. This has been fixed.
  • Scaling of multiline text not working.
    • Multiline texts in dwg files where being incorrectly scaled leading to unclear text sometimes.
  • Boring log dialogue slow to appear when allocating locations.
    • This has been sped up.
  • Transmuting of TINs sometimes allowing you to edit the point in the DWG file by moving the transmuted point.
    • Sometimes when spots were transmuted off the tin the correct copies were not made so if the spots were moved and not the plan the plan would be skewed. This is rare as it’s not common to move in this way and has been fixed.
  • Very wide trenches failing to calculate when no pipe is present.


If you are using MudShark 8 already, you can download and use the latest update here:

IMPORTANT: If you are out of software assurance and not using MudShark 8, ensure you contact our Support Team before upgrading.