New MudShark Update []

Improvements & Fixes

New Features. Overview Video

  • A project summary is now shown in the calculate check list so the user can verify that scaling and altitude ranges look right prior to calculation.
  • Holding the P key down whilst moving a point maintains the plane of a surface if it is planar to start with.


  • PDF reading improvements.
    • Improved the speed of pdf reading when the pdf contains unstructured font mappings.
    • Improved mapping of fonts and font sizes.
    • Mapping of hidden text accounted for.
    • Image warning message has been modified to indicate if he PDF only contains and image or a mixture of images and vector data.
    • Improved speed of processing with image sorting when many image based pdf plans are in the project.
  • Improved dashed curve transmuting
    • The dashed line transmuting algorithm has been improved to work on a wider range of dashed line situations.
  • Transmuting in general has been improved to reduce the chances of transmuting duplicates by accident.
  • DWG file export has been improved to export composite lines instead of individual segments of the line.
  • Heat-maps now project into 3D using the depth of the cut or fill as the altitude.


  • When fonts are scaled in the monitor settings clicking on the curve editing indicators caused Windows to incorrectly tell MudShark to automatically resize to a smaller window.
  • Boundary curve editing sometimes incorrectly reported that it was unable to form a surface mesh.
  • Measurement and Trench results not always refreshing in the results grid when changed or modified until a refresh was forced.
  • Undo when merge areas have been used crashed sometimes.
  • Trench option to “extend to structure” not always visible in the gui.
  • Adding points to curves sometimes caused an exception.


IMPORTANT: If you are out of software assurance and not using MudShark 8, ensure you contact our Support Team before upgrading.

If you are using MudShark 8 already, you can download and use the latest update here: