New MudShark Update []

Improvements & Fixes


  • Upgrade Remote support tool to latest version.
  • Improved demolished structure back-fill calculation.
  • Sped up splash screen loading when launching. Sometimes when MudShark launches there is a delay in the splash screen appearing which can lead to multiple clicks on the MudShark launch icon and multiple MudSharks opening as the user assumes they have not clicked on it. The splash screen now appears almost instantly.
  • Improve checking of invalid boundary input. Invalid Boundary input has been improved to warn of more incorrect situations during input. This should prevent invalid boundaries being formed causing calculation issued later.
  • Speed up curve editing in larger projects. Curve editing on large projects with many structures slows down as more structures are added. This has been sped up considerably and should facilitate a better experience on large projects.
  • Further improvements to text mapping in pdf’s.
  • Heatmap generation has been sped up significantly this is especially noticeable on larger projects.
  • Improved boundary type detection for touching boundaries in same entity. Sometimes the calculation of the boundary type was getting confused e.g when a boundary was partially surrounded by boundaries in the same structure it would sometimes be designated as an excluded area (hole) when it should have been included.
  • Improved processing times of pdf curves made up of 10’s of thousands of lines.


  • If a dwg or dxf file is loaded into MudShark with some points at infinity MudShark crashes when scaling or rotating. This has been fixed and MudShark will now process these.
  • Deleting a Trench network from the takeoff pane leaves a label for it in the ribbon menu. The label is now correctly removed.
  • If a structure exists with no boundary input and the trim options set, MudShark throws and error and will not calculated. Structures with no Boundaries and trimming options set are now ignored.
  • Some spelling mistakes in labels have been corrected.
  • Correct sort order in trench results to allow for numbers greater than 10 on end.


IMPORTANT: If you are out of software assurance and not using MudShark 8, ensure you contact our Support Team before upgrading.

If you are using MudShark 8 already, you can download and use the latest update here: