MudShark 8

Our goal with MudShark has always been to make earthworks takeoff easy, simple and accurate. In the years since the software was first developed, we’ve developed many new tools and features to deliver on this goal. With MudShark 8, we’re continuing to deliver the best earthworks takeoff software, with a new and improved user interface.

Made New

We’ve rebuilt parts of MudShark from the ground up, with brand new icons to better represent the features, new tooltips to explain what the various options mean and even improved the infrastructure of the ribbon. MudShark 8 is easier to use than ever. We’ve simplified much of the interface, to deliver a better experience for not only new customers but also existing ones.

The new MudShark interface, with updated ribbon and new icons.

Even with the new look, we’ve made sure to keep the existing workflow and interactions that our customers have told us they liked. You can still drag and drop files into the Viewport as a means of importing plans, you can still utilise our powerful takeoff (including our Transmute tool) and you can still click Calculate on your project and go grab a coffee, although it might have to be a quicker coffee than before as we have speed up some of the calculations.

Easy Access to Your Data

The new Data tab with CostX export

The new Data tab creates a new place to maintain your results and data; whether you need to export a Microsoft Excel file, take a snapshot of your viewport, or integrate with estimating software. We’ve also got two new functions in the Data tab, buttons designed specifically to export your MudShark estimate to use in Cubit or CostX. Exporting to CostX is especially easy to do, with our newly developed output to RIB file format.

Takeoff Improvements

We’ve also taken some great strides to deliver speed improvements to MudShark 8, especially if you’re working on larger projects we’ve made some key interactions faster; including going between your Existing Site and Proposed Site, and your Takeoff and 3D modes. Most importantly, we’ve made adding contours, spots and boundaries faster, so you can get your takeoff done quicker than ever.

And More!

With MudShark 8 we’ve also listened to our customers and delivered a number of improvements and fixes they’ve asked for, including better auto-scaling for imperial DWG plans, a more flexible and efficient Transmute Dashed Line tool and improvements to PDFs and boring logs.  

We’re very excited about MudShark 8, not only because it continues to deliver on our promise for easy and takeoff simple software, but it also represents a brand new, modern approach to takeoff that will continue with future releases. 

MudShark 8 is available now for any customer with an active subscription or Software Assurance agreement.

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