Trench Takeoff Made Easy with Earthworks Software

One of the most demanding, and time consuming calculations you need to perform your earthworks is calculating trench and pipe networks. But now with MudShark, we’re giving you the power to easily and simply calculate your trenching.

Luckily, technological innovations like earthworks estimating software have been developed to help make this task less daunting. So, it’s never been easier to accurately calculate cut and fill results, and see trench measurements.

The industry’s first choice for calculating trench and pipe networks is MudShark.

MudShark gives you the power you want, and the functionality you need. From a proposed site, you can name, categorise and define your trench network, including pipe details. And, there are no limits to the amount of trench networks you can create.

So whether you’re calculating sewage, drainage, electrical or utilities, MudShark is the best software for you. MudShark will make short work of your pipe quantities, excavation and backfill.  

Features designed for calculating Trench and Pipe Networks

You can use the interactive 3D displays at any point to inspect your trenches, pipes and materials. You can also use the Automated clash detection. Which will check your pipe networks for you, and identify anywhere that pipes clash, so you can avoid complications on site.

After you’ve completed your takeoff, and checked your trench network, you can group your trench networks into depth categories.

Experience the power of trench takeoff with Mudshark today.

The full process for creating a trench network