New MudShark Update [7.0.17]

Improvements & Fixes

  • Improved the process when importing a PDF with embedded images, so you have more awareness and control when importing your plan.
  • Improved how you can edit linear paths, so you can now adjust altitudes after it is transmuted.
  • Improved how heat maps are calculated, the point density has more refined maximum and minimum altitude.
  • Fixed a rare issue where MudShark would keep processing indefinitely when producing the visual overlay during boundary input, if that input involved shallow arcs.
  • Fixed an issue when Heat Maps weren’t generated for some projects.
  • Fixed an issue where using Offset tools were causing the extended corners to chamfer.


If you are using MudShark 7 already, you can download and use the latest update here:

If you are not using MudShark 7, ensure you contact our Support Team before upgrading.